β-Amyloid protofibrils, β-Amyloid N-terminus

Clonality: monoclonal
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG2
Methods: ELISA
Source: PFA2
(lab of Chris Dealwis,
Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN)
Gardberg, 2007
Formulation: liquid, protein-A affinity purified
Reacts in: Human


immunogen = CLC-stabilized protofibril form of Aβ(1–40); epitope within Aβ(1–8); DAEFRHDS, at the N terminus


The Fab fragments exhibit binding to Aβ monomers in the 20–40 nM range, and this binding is significantly impaired or eliminated in Aβ(1–40) mutants in which a single residue in the 3–7 segment is replaced with alanine. The full IgG molecules bind significantly better than Fab fragments to Aβ fibrils and protofibrils (0.1–0.2 nM); PFA1 binds more tightly to fibrils than does PFA2. diminished affinity for pyroglutamate-Glu forms of Aβ

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  1. Chris Dealwis

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