NeuN (A60)

Clonality: monoclonal
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG1
Methods: IC, IF, IH, IP, WB
Source: Chemicon and Upstate are Millipore
Cat# MAB377
Veeraraghavalu, 2010
Heneka, 2010
He, 2009
Mallucci, 2007
Pereira, 2007
(unspecified formulation for
Burré J, 2010
Kapoor, 2010
Jäderstad, 2010
Wang, J, 2010
Demars, 2010
Loane, 2009
Varvel, 2009
Rose, 2009 )
Formulation: liquid, purified Ig, phosphate buffer, NaCl, azide<br />Also available prediluted, <a href="">IHR1001-6</a>
Reacts in: Avian (various), Primate (various), Chicken, Salamander, Ferret, Pig, Human, Mouse, Rat
others not tested


immunogen =
purified cell nuclei from mouse brain


reacts with most neuronal cell types; is an excellent marker for neurons in primary cultures and in retinoic acid-stimulated P19 cells

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  1. IHR1001-6

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