Clonality: monoclonal
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG1
Methods: ELISA, IH, WB
Source: BioLegend
Cat# 837201 (100 µl) RRID AB_2565371
837202 (500 µl) RRID AB_2565372
Previously Covance Cat# SMI-21R
Catalog #: SMI-21R
Formulation: ascites
Reacts in: Dog, Human, Monkey
Not rat, rabbit or mouse
Availability: Available from BioLegend


Reacts with GFAP in astrocytes and Bergmann glia in human, monkey and dog paraffin sections. No reactivity in rat, rabbit or mouse brain sections. Other species have not been examined. No reactivity was observed in liver or kidney paraffin sections. SMI-21 reacts with GFAP and does not cross-react with other intermediate filaments by immunohistochemistry or western blot.

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