ERK1 & ERK2 phos Thr185/Tyr187 (AMK1)

Clonality: monoclonal
Host: Mouse
Methods: WB
Source: Biomol Enzo Life Sciences
Cat# MA-1366
Formulation: PBS, BSA, azide, lyophilized
Reacts in: Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine


Immunogen = phosphopeptide containing the motif pThr-Glu-pTyr conjugated to a carrier protein


Recognizes activated mammalian ERK1/2 and exhibits no reactivity with non-activated MAP kinases. In ELISA and dot blotting studies with synthetic peptides as antigens, AMK1 does not react with the TEY motif when only the Thr or Tyr is phosphorylated. Moreover, no cross with the phospho. motifs of SAPK/JNK (Thr-Pro-Tyr) or p38 kinases (Thr-Gly-Tyr)

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