Caspase-3, activated, cleaved Asp175

Clonality: polyclonal
Host: Rabbit
Isotype: IgG
Methods: FC, IC, IF, IH, WB
Source: Cell Signaling
Cat# 9661
Burré J, 2010
Wilcock, 2008
Breunig, 2007
Formulation: liquid, protein-A, affinity purified
Reacts in: Bovine, Human, Monkey, Mouse, Rat
expect dog, pig


immunogen = synthetic peptide (KLH-coupled) corresp. to amino-terminal residues adjacent to Asp175 of human caspase-3


detects endogenous levels of the large fragment (17/19 kDa) of activated caspase-3 resulting from cleavage adjacent to Asp175; does not recognize full length caspase-3 or other cleaved caspases

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