Calpain 3 (Calp3d/2C4)

Clonality: monoclonal
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG2b
Methods: WB
Source: Abcam
Cat# ab51861
Formulation: liquid, supernatant, azide
Reacts in: Dog, Rabbit, Sheep, Human, Hamster
<em>not</em> mouse, chicken, pig


Immunogen = synthetic peptide: M P T V I S A S V A P R T A A E P R S, corresp. to aa1-19 of human Calpain 3


reacts with calpain 3 (94kD) plus pre-and post-autolysed forms of the ubiquitous calpains 1 and 2 (ยต and m-calpains)

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