Clonality: polyclonal
Host: Rabbit
Methods: IP, WB
Source: R1736
(Dr. Dennis Selkoe,
Harvard Univ. Medical School, Boston, MA)
Reference: Maier, 2008,
Formulation: antiserum
Reacts in: Rodent (various), Human


immunogen = synthetic peptide of amino acids 595–611 of APP


APP epitope corresponds to positions -2 to +15 of human Abeta, and it presents 90% (15 out of 17 amino acids) of sequence homology with the hamster sequence which is identical to other rodents such as mouse

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Paper Citations

  1. . Complement C3 deficiency leads to accelerated amyloid beta plaque deposition and neurodegeneration and modulation of the microglia/macrophage phenotype in amyloid precursor protein transgenic mice. J Neurosci. 2008 Jun 18;28(25):6333-41. PubMed.

Other Citations

  1. Dr. Dennis Selkoe

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