Amyloid fibrils and fibrillar oligomers

Clonality: polyclonal
Host: Rabbit
Methods: DB, ELISA, IH, WB
Source: OC
(paper on antibodies;
paper on oligimerization;
Charles G Glabe, University of California, Irvine)
Lefterov, 2010
Clinton, 2010
Blurton-Jones, 2009
Formulation: serum
Reacts in: Human


immunogern = a morphologically homogeneous population of Aβ42 fibrils


specifically recognizes fibrils, but not random coil monomer or prefibrillar oligomers; also recognizes 100,000 × G soluble fibrillar oligomers ranging in size from dimer to greater than 250 kDa on western blots. The fibrillar oligomers recognized by OC are immunologically distinct from prefibrillar oligomers recognized by A11, even though their sizes overlap broadly

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External Citations

  1. paper on antibodies
  2. paper on oligimerization
  3. Charles G Glabe

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