Amyloid Beta 42

Clonality: kit
Host: Mouse
Methods: ELISA
Source: Wako Chemicals
cat# 290-62601
Wako Kit Page
(see also
Cat# 290-64501)
Kitazume, 2010
Takeda, S, 2010
Fukumoto, 2010
Chiba, 2008
Parkin, 2007
Formulation: 96 tests: BNT77/BC05(Fab') HRP conj. antibodies from Takeda Chemical Industries. range: 1.0~100 pmol/L
Reacts in: Human, Mouse, Rat


BNT77: Specifically detects the Aβ (11-28) of Aβ
BC05: Specifically detects the C-terminal of Aβ 42


detects Aβ (1-42) and Aβ (x-42)

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  1. Amyloid Beta 42, high-sensitive

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