Akt phos Ser473

Clonality: polyclonal
Host: Rabbit
Source: Cell Signaling
Cat# 9271
Takeda, S, 2010
Townsend, 2007
Dorsey, 2006
Formulation: liquid, HEPES, NaCl, BSA, glycerol, Protein A and affinity purified
Reacts in: Bovine, Dog, Pig, Human, Hamster, Mouse, Rat, Drosophila
expect monkey, chicken, horse, Xenopus


Immunogen = synthetic phospho-peptide corresp. to residues around Ser473 of mouse Akt


reacts with Akt when phosphorylated at Ser473; also reacts with Akt2 and Akt3 when phosphorylated at corresponding residues. Does not recognize Akt phosphorylated at other sites, nor does it recognize phosphorylated forms of related kinases such as PKC or p70 S6 kinase

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