Version 3.0 now live

1 July 2021  Version 3.0 includes 3,700 cohorts and 238 meta-analyses, with data from 487 papers. It also features the Cross Disease tool for comparing biomarker levels in Alzheimer’s disease with those in other neurological disorders.

The Alzbiomarker database organizes decades of data on fluid biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease.  Biomarker measurements are curated from published studies and meta-analyzed.  Version 1.0 through 2.1 contains studies comparing measurements in Alzheimer’s disease to cognitively healthy individuals and studies comparing progressive MCI to stable MCI.  Version 3.0 includes comparisons of biomarker levels in non-AD neurological conditions to Alzheimer’s disease.  The database was developed in collaboration with Henrik Zetterberg, Kaj Blennow, and colleagues at the University of Gothenburg and the meta-analysis results of the Version 1.0 dataset have been published (Olsson et al., 2016). We welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us at

Explore one the following datasets:

See below for links to each meta-analysis along with key statistics, such as p value and effect size -- a ratio of the mean biomarker concentration of one cohort over another (e.g. AD/control). View this page on a desktop, laptop, or tablet for a colorful, interactive graph of the results, plotted by effect size and z score.


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Version 3.0, July 2021



Cross Disease