ABI3 (clone 30B7)


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Immunogen: Recombinant human ABI3 protein
Clonality: Monoclonal
Isotype: IgG1
Host: Mouse
Reactivity: Human; Mouse

RRID: AB_2905538
Availability: Available through the Monoclonal Antibody Core Facility at Helmholtz Center Munich. Please request as Project ABISP, Clone 30B7.

Application Reference(s)

Western blot

Christian Haass' laboratory


Christian Haass' laboratory


Christian Haass' laboratory


Monoclonal antibody 30B7 reacts with human and mouse ABI3. In initial testing, the antibody was shown to work as a detection reagent in western blot and immunohistochemical (not shown) applications and as a capture antibody for immunoprecipitation.

Antibody 30B7 recognizes human and mouse ABI3 overexpressed in HEK293 cells. A) Western blot of lysate of HEK cells transfected with empty vector (mock) or human ABI3, probed with hybridoma supernatant. B) 30B7 (Protein A affinity-purified) immunoprecipitates murine ABI3 expressed in HEK cells. Immunoprecipitation with rat IgG2a served as a negative control. Input was lysate from HEK cells transfected with murine Abi3; cells transfected with empty vector (-) served as negative control. Blots were probed with polyclonal rabbit anti-ABI3 antibody from Abcam (ab81152). [Courtesy of Christian Haass' laboratory.]

Antibody 30B7 recognizes endogenous mouse ABI3. Western blot of lysates of primary mouse microglial cells, probed with 30B7 hybridoma supernatant. [Courtesy of Christian Haass' laboratory.]

Generation and epitope mapping

This antibody was generated in mice immunized with recombinant human ABI3. Epitope mapping has not been reported.


Monoclonal antibody 30B7 recognizes human and mouse ABI3.


30B7 has been tested against Abi3 knockouts in western blots, where it was shown to react with a protein in the spleens of wild-type mice but not Abi3 knockout mice.

Knockout validation of 30B7. 30B7 recognizes a protein in the spleens of wild-type mice but not Abi3 knockout mice. RIPA lysates of mouse spleens probed with purified 30B7. Note that this image is from a single blot, with intervening lane masked by Alzforum curator. [Courtesy of Christian Haass' laboratory.]

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