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Caspase's Role in Apoptosis Clarified

Two recent papers describe the processes involved in the final stages of apoptotic cell death. During apoptosis, enzymes known as caspases break down cellular proteins, causing severe morphological changes and cell shrinkage...

Entire Genome Yields to a Chip

Researchers at California-based Affymetrix have analyzed the activity of every gene in the yeast genome in a single experiment using a new "DNA chip." This remarkable technological feat hints of a future...

TGF-β1 Linked to Plaque Formation

A history of brain injury raises a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and many researchers now suspect that the brain’s inflammatory responses to injury may magnify the neurodegenerative process...

MEDLINE Now Free to the Public

The National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE database is now accessible free to the general public through PubMed and Internet Grateful Med. Hot links to IGM and PubMed are available on the NLM home page...

Possible New Succeptability Genes for Alzheimer's Disease

Put these two facts together: brain energy metabolism is abnormally low in Alzheimer's patients, and if <a href=";form=6&amp;db=m&amp;Dopt=r">your mother had Alzheimer's</a> you are more likely to develop it than if your father had Alzheimer's...

Clues from the Colombian Countryside

An enormous extended family living in a rural community in Colombia could provide new insights into environmental and genetic factors contributing to Alzheimer’s disease. All family members who were diagnosed...

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