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Chlamydia Update

Researchers from the Medical University of Lubeck in Germany say that they have failed to replicate the tantalizing evidence from a study published two years ago that found <em>Chlamydia</em> in almost all the Alzheimer's brains examined...

Receptor Miscegenation

Conventional wisdom has it that each member of the large G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) family pairs up exclusively with another of its own kind. But a new study in tomorrow's Science reports that two different GPCRs...

Genes Against Polyglutamine Toxicity

Kazemi-Esfarjani and Benzer of California Institute of Technology report in today's Science the discovery of two genes that protect against eye degeneration resulting from aggregation of polyglutamines in <em>Drosophila</em>...

Cleaning up Aβ

Insulin-degrading enzyme (IDE) plays a role in breaking down Aβ outside of neurons, report Dennis Selkoe, Konstantinos Vekrellis, and their colleagues at Harvard in the March 1 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience...

MRI Captures Gene Expression

A team led by Thomas Meade at the California Institute of Technology has developed an MRI contrast agent that is activated only in the presence of a target gene, according to a report in the March issue of Nature Biotechnology...

New Memory Cells from the Hippocampus?

Circumstantial evidence has accumulated over the last decade that there are pluripotent stem cells in the hippocampus of humans and other animals. Much hope has been attached to these heretofore elusive cells because...

Making Do Without NMDA Receptors

Memory deficits due to NMDA receptor loss in the hippocampus can be overcome by enriched environments, according to a report from Joe Tsien and his Princeton colleagues in the March issue of Nature Neuroscience...

How Does Calorie Restriction Extend Life?

One part of the answer to this question may involve the yeast nuclear protein Sir2, according to a study in tommorow's issue of Nature. Leonard Guarente, Shin-ichiro Imai and their coworkers at MIT say the protein is regulated by NAD...

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