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Turning Stem Cells into Motor Neurons

In today’s issue of the journal Cell, researchers at Columbia University, New York, report they have figured out a way to coax ES cells into becoming motor neurons, opening up some exciting new possibilities for treating a variety of diseases...

Stockholm: Pictures at an Exhibition

Keith Crutcher reports on the World Alzheimer Congress in Stockholm. "From the relatively crude days of CT scans to the truly impressive detail now being offered by functional MRI, this revolution in imaging technology is making it possible to study the course of AD in ways previously unimaginable...."

Stockholm: Core Resistance

Keith Crucher reports from the World Alzheimer Congress: In the symposium on amyloid-lowering strategies, Dennis Dickson presented a unique and clever approach to addressing the likelihood that macrophage-mediated clearance of amyloid will be an effective strategy in humans....

Stockholm: Degradation on the Rise

Malcolm Leissring reports on the latest data, presented at the 8th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders in Stockholm, on the role of insulin-degrading enzyme and neprilysin in degrading Aβ peptide in vivo....

Are Random Mutations Not So Random?

David Altshuler and colleagues at the Whitehead Institute report that only a small fraction of SNPs arise by random mutation and that most SNPs are inherited. These findings should have a profound effect on those researchers hunting for genetic clues to disease....

Mouse Genome Mapped

Members of the International Mouse Genome Consortium reported this week that they have succeeded in making a physical map of this rodent’s genome using, ironically, the sequence of the human genome as a template....

More on Biomarkers That Signal Longevity

Humans who live longer display the same biomarkers found in laboratory animals who have restricted caloric intake. However, because these human subjects weren't actively restricting their caloric intake, there may be other ways to increase life span in humans...


Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York demonstrate the use of fluorescence in situ hybridization, or FISH, to measure multiple transcription events in vitro...

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