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Making Do Without NMDA Receptors

Memory deficits due to NMDA receptor loss in the hippocampus can be overcome by enriched environments, according to a report from Joe Tsien and his Princeton colleagues in the March issue of Nature Neuroscience...

How Does Calorie Restriction Extend Life?

One part of the answer to this question may involve the yeast nuclear protein Sir2, according to a study in tommorow's issue of Nature. Leonard Guarente, Shin-ichiro Imai and their coworkers at MIT say the protein is regulated by NAD...

Death Takes a Different Cell Route

A caspase protease in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) may have a hand in cell death in Alzheimer's, according to a report in the January 6 issue of Nature. The caspases appear to play critical roles in various apoptotic mechanisms...

Prion Parts Can Infect Other Proteins

The essential "prion-determining" portion of a prion protein can be removed and fused to a wholly separate protein, creating a new prion with the essential prion qualities of state changing and heritability...

NGF Gene Therapy Trial Begins

The green light has been given for Mark Tuszynski and his colleagues from the University of California, San Diego, the Salk Institute, and UC Davis to start a Phase I (safety) trial of nerve growth factor (NGF) gene therapy for early onset Alzheimer's...

Aβ Primes an Inflammatory Pump

A paper in today's Science offers a candidate pathway for inflammatory processes in Alzheimer's disease; the pathway uses the CD40 receptor on microglia and is upregulated by Aβ...

Toward a Unified Prion Theory

A report in today's Nature shows that prion forms found in apparently anomalous prion diseases are likely to represent the common final path to neurodegeneration in all the spongiform encephalopathies...

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