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Adding Dynamics and Nuance to Alzheimer’s Staging

Being able to image amyloid, glucose metabolism, atrophy, even network connectivity in living patients has been a boon for those trying to stage the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission ...

Mice on Trial? Issues in the Design of Drug Studies

Tiny and timid though it may be, the humble house mouse is not only one of the most successful mammalian species on Earth, but is also the dominant model organism for medical research, especially because of the ease with which it can be genetically ...

Grasping the Shadow Force: Immune Cells in ALS

When two biological networks as complex as the nervous and immune systems cross paths, you know the interaction is not going to be simple. Add in neurodegeneration—such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis—and it creates a web that will take many scientists ...

Susceptibility Testing and Risk Assessment in Alzheimer Disease

News about a not-too-distant future of personal genomics is coming at us hard and fast. For example, the New York Times reported on June 1 that the complete DNA sequence of Nobel laureate James C. Watson, of DNA double-helix fame, has been sequenced and ...

Protein Folding and Neurodegeneration: Biophysics to the Rescue?

David Teplow led this live discussion on 30 April 2003. Readers are invited to submit additional comments by using our Comments form at the bottom of the page.    See also David Thirumalai's Emerging Ideas on the Molecular Basis of Protein and ...

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