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Caloric Restriction: Eat Less, Live Longer!

We invite you to participate in this Forum Discussion with Matt Mattson (National Institute on Aging). This discussion will not be hosted via our live discussion software. Forum discussions invite written exchanges between our participants and the ...

What Price Privacy? Is the HIPAA Law Stifling Dementia Research?

Are you a dementia epidemiologist trying to access patient records so you can puzzle out disease associations? Are you a clinical investigator trying to recruit patients to a trial? Are you a professional dementia care provider trying desperately to spend ...

Imaging in Alzheimer's Disease: The Current State of Affairs

Are you confused about the various forms of PET and MRI that are used to image the brain? Do you know which protocol is more suited to detecting plaques and which can measure brain activity? Are you concerned when you see images of shrinking brains? Do ...

Making a BioMark on Alzheimer Disease

Our thanks to Practical Neurology for granting permission to reprint the full text of a recent article (.pdf) by John Trojanowski. John Trojanowski, Les Shaw, and Anne Fagan led this live discussion on 1 June 2005. Readers are invited to submit additional ...

Now You See Them, Now You Don't: The Amyloid Channel Hypothesis

Ever since amyloid-β (Aβ) was identified as the major component in amyloid plaques, scientists have been trying to decipher just exactly what the little peptide does. Most researchers would agree that Aβ is toxic to cells, but some are still skeptical. ...

Differential Neuronal Vulnerability

Vikram Khurana and Ole Isacson led this live discussion on 29 June 2005. Readers are invited to submit additional comments by using our Comments form at the bottom of the page. Transcript: Live Discussion led by Ole Isacson and Vikram Khurana on 29 June ...

100 Questions and Answers About Alzheimer's Disease

Are you a physician or caregiver thirsting for an update on the latest research on Alzheimer disease, or are you a basic researcher curious about the latest advances in clinical diagnosis and care?    Tom Wisniewski and Marcin Sadowski led this live ...

Are Glia Active Participants in Neurodegenerative Disease?

Ben Barres led the first in a series of Alzforum discussions about the role of glial cells in Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. It has become trendy to say that glia are more than just glue, but in reality, science has not yet advanced ...

Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer Disease

The topic is an apt one to launch the new year: what factors in daily life can reduce one's risk of Alzheimer's disease? To fire up your neural networks, you are invited to read the recent review (download pdf) by Kathryn Jedrziewski, Virginia ...

An Idiosyncratic View of AD Biomarkers

Dr. Coleman led this live discussion on how biomarker information and basic science of AD can inform each other. He reviewed how the more common biomarkers of tau and Aß peptides relate to the major neurobiological deficits in AD—synaptic loss and ...

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