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Name Synonyms FDA Status Company Target Type Therapy Type Condition Approved
CAD106 2/3 Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Amyloid-Related Immunotherapy (active) Alzheimer's Disease None
CNP520 BACE Inhibitor 2/3 Amgen, Inc., Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Amyloid-Related Small Molecule Alzheimer's Disease
Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) Sunphenon EGCg 2/3, 2, 3 Taiyo International Amyloid-Related, Inflammation, Other Dietary Supplement Alzheimer's Disease, Down's Syndrome, Multiple System Atrophy
Gamunex Intravenous Immunoglobulin,
Human Albumin Combined With Flebogamma
2/3 Grifols Biologicals Inc. Amyloid-Related, Inflammation Immunotherapy (passive) Alzheimer's Disease Immunodeficiency, chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy
JNJ-54861911 BACE inhibitor 2/3 Janssen, Shionogi Pharma Amyloid-Related Small Molecule Alzheimer's Disease
Thalidomide Thalomid® 2/3 Celgene Corporation Amyloid-Related, Inflammation Small Molecule Alzheimer's Disease