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Name: Sabeluzole
Synonyms: R58735
Therapy Type: Small Molecule (timeline)
Target Type: Unknown
Condition(s): Alzheimer's Disease
U.S. FDA Status: Alzheimer's Disease (Inactive)


Sabeluzole has been reported to reduce glutatmate toxicity in part by reducing NMDA-induced inward current (Van der Valk et al., 1993). It also has been shown to affect cytoskeletal stability (Geerts et al., 1996) and tau expression (Uberti et al., 1997). 


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Paper Citations

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  3. . Priming of cultured neurons with sabeluzole results in long-lasting inhibition of neurotoxin-induced tau expression and cell death. Synapse. 1997 Jun;26(2):95-103. PubMed.

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