Ann McKee on Do 'Headers' Rack Up Brain Damage in Soccer Players?

COMMENT This is an important clinicopathological case study involving a small cohort of demented subjects who were exposed to repetitive head impacts (RHI) through soccer participation for a prolonged period of time (average 26 years). The report greatly enhances ...

Jochen Herms on Merck Pulls Plug on Phase 2/3 BACE Inhibitor Trial

COMMENT One should not forget that certain side effects of drugs that interfere with APP cleavage, like BACE inhibitors, affect synaptic plasticity and cognition in mice (Filser et al., 2015; Zhu et al., 2016). Of course we do not know if this holds true for ...

Paul Aisen on Merck Pulls Plug on Phase 2/3 BACE Inhibitor Trial

COMMENT This is very disappointing. But for a BACE inhibitor in particular, earlier intervention is likely critical. If AD is an amyloid brain disease (an oversimplification), then BACE inhibition would be expected to prevent the disease. But reducing Aβ ...

Andy Shih on Pericytes Don’t Go With the Flow—They Change It

COMMENT Kisler et al. have performed a tour de force study on pericyte-deficient mice, providing strong evidence that even a mild loss of pericytes (22 percent) leads to impaired neurovascular coupling and brain oxygenation. This is a significant step beyond a ...

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