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Inflammation in Midlife Portends Late-Life Brain Shrinkage

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-17 Research News Researchers have long suspected that inflammation fuels neurodegeneration, but evidence in humans has been scarce. A prospective study of more than 1,500 people led by Keenan Walker in Rebecca Gottesman’s group at Johns Hopkins University, ...

Serum NfL Detects Preclinical AD, Reflects Clinical Benefit

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-17 Research News It works! Neurofilament light chain (NfL) has emerged as the most promising fluid marker for tracking the progression of neurodegenerative disease. Unlike many other biomarkers, blood levels correlate closely with those in cerebrospinal ...

In Mice, CSF Caught Draining Via Lymphatic Vessels, Not Veins

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-15 Research News The choroid plexus produces about a half-liter of cerebrospinal fluid daily, meaning this much must be drained from the cranial cavity into the bloodstream. A new study led by Steven Proulx, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, ...

Bill Gates Throws His Weight Behind Alzheimer’s Research

COMMUNITY NEWS 2017-11-13 Community News Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates today announced that he will invest $50 million of his own money into Alzheimer’s research. The money will go to the U.K.-based Dementia Discovery Fund, which invests in small companies developing new ...

Peripheral Aβ Can Accumulate in Brain, Trigger Degeneration

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-11 Research News Could Aβ from the blood contribute to Alzheimer’s disease? In the October 31 Molecular Psychiatry, researchers led by Yan-Jiang Wang at Daping Hospital, Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, China, and Weihong Song at the ...

SOS Signals from Neurons to Astrocytes Muffled in ALS

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-11 Research News Just because astrocytes shield neurons from threats doesn’t mean they do so voluntarily. Injured motor neurons prompt astrocytes with “help me” signals, according to a paper in the October 27 Nature Communications. Researchers led by András ...

Brain-Specific Klotho Isoform Fortifies Memory

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-10 Research News Expressing a specific isoform of the klotho protein boosts memory in middle-aged and older mice, suggests a study in the October 31 Molecular Psychiatry. Scientists led by Miguel Chillón, Universitat Autònoma, Barcelona, Spain, reported that ...

Human Tau Strains Propagate Faithfully in Wild-Type Mice

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-10 Research News In the October 20 Journal of Neuroscience, researchers led by Virginia Lee at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, added evidence to the idea that the particular conformation of misfolded proteins dictates how fast pathology spreads ...

LipiDiDiet Data Published

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-10 Research News A paper published online October 30 in The Lancet Neurology details the outcome of the two-year LipiDiDiet trial. Researchers tested Souvenaid, made by Nutricia of Danone Research, in people with prodromal Alzheimer’s disease. Alzforum ...

NIA Seeks Community Input on Alzheimer’s Eureka Prize

COMMUNITY NEWS 2017-11-10 Community News The National Institute on Aging has issued a call for public comment to help shape its first Eureka prize for research on Alzheimer’s disease and AD-related dementias (AD/ADRD). Eureka prizes were mandated in the 21st Century Cures Act. ...

Daydreaming Network Serves as Ground Zero for Aβ Deposition

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-04 Research News In the October 31 Nature Communications, researchers led by Oskar Hansson of Lund University in Sweden reported that in cognitively normal people, parts of the default mode network (DMN) were among the first regions to accumulate Aβ deposits ...

PINK1 Caught on the Brink of Phosphorylation

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-03 Research News Scientists have caught a rare view of an unusual kinase poised to phosphorylate its substrate. Led by David Komander, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England, U.K., the researchers reported the crystal structure of the ...

Sparking the Brain May Enhance Plasticity, Memory

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-03 Research News Two new papers add weight to the idea that brain stimulation benefits both plasticity and memory. In the October 25 JAMA Psychiatry, researchers led by Tarek Rajji at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, reported that ...

Among the Healthy, a Positive Amyloid Scan Prompts Questions About Risk

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-11-01 Research News The move toward secondary prevention trials for Alzheimer’s disease has brought new ethical challenges, such as how to inform cognitively healthy people they have a positive amyloid PET scan. To find better ways to do this, researchers led ...

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