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Harald Steiner on Semagacestat, a Pseudo γ-Secretase Inhibitor?

COMMENT This is a very important paper, showing the unexpected result that semagacestat causes the accumulation of longer Aβ species and short peptide byproducts that are produced by the sequential carboxy-terminal trimming activity of γ-secretase. The paper ...

Sarah Mizielinska

KCL (Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Centre)
London, United Kingdom

Postdoctoral Position

JOB 2017-10-16 Employer Case Western Reserve University Contact Please submit CV, names and contact information for three references, and a description of your research experience to Dr. Safar, Description The laboratory of Dr. Jiri Safar in the ...

Michael Mahon

Senior Living Dementia and Alzheimer's
Greenville , United States

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