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MAPping Death Pathways in Axons

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-01-30 Research News Researchers have identified which enzymes axons use to trigger their own demise. Reporting in the January 15 Cell, first author Jing Yang and colleagues at Rockefeller University in New York found that mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinases ...

Lumbar Puncture: Heading Off the Dreaded Headache

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-01-30 Research News Biochemical markers in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) are proving increasingly useful in clinical diagnosis and research, but having people agree to a lumbar puncture can be a challenge, particularly in the United States. Just the thought of that ...

Leaky Blood-Brain Barrier a Harbinger of Alzheimer's?

WEBINAR 2015-01-30 To sate the brain’s voracious hunger for energy, thousands of capillaries deliver blood and oxygen to every sulcus and gyrus, and the white and gray matter in between. Herein lies a problem. The delicate cells of the brain must be protected from the ...

In Aging Brain, Blood-Brain Barrier Starts Leaking in Hippocampus

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-01-30 Research News As any plumber will tell you, if you want to plug a leak, first you have to find it. Leaks in the thousands of blood vessels that infiltrate the central nervous system are no exception. Researchers have long suspected that a breached blood ...

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