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Matt Troyer

Denali Therapeutics
South San Francisco, United States

Andrew Cole

Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Cambridge, United States

Jeffrey L. Noebels on Hippocampal Storms Leave Lasting Marks

COMMENT Chronic hippocampal seizures impair cognition, an all-too-common biological comorbidity of temporal lobe epilepsy. What can be done? In the face of irreversible hippocampal cell loss followed by extensive structural rearrangements due to axonal sprouting, ...

Hippocampal Storms Leave Lasting Marks

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-10-20 Research News In Alzheimer’s disease, seizures in the hippocampus contribute to cognitive decline. Scientists have known for some time that this correlates with persistent loss of the calcium-binding protein calbindin-D28k, a regulator of synaptic ...

ALS Kin Have More Neuropsychiatric Disease

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-10-20 Research News ALS used to be thought of as a disease purely of the motor system, but more recently scientists have uncovered ties with frontotemporal dementia, and even certain neuropsychiatric diseases. Now, scientists led by Orla Hardiman, Beaumont ...

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