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Colin Masters on Copper to the Rescue in ALS Mice

COMMENT Overall, results in the CCS/SOD mice look very promising, and are consistent with other experimental data that support the concept that altering copper levels in the CNS might have some therapeutic benefits in specific conditions. This could also include ...

Liang Yap

Massachusetts Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Charlestown, United States

Copper to the Rescue in ALS Mice

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-02-05 Research News With a sprinkle of what researchers jokingly call “brick dust,” scientists restored health to a very sick mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, extending its one- to two-week lifespan to almost two years. As reported in the January ...

Shaky Specificity of Tau PET Ligands Stokes Debate at HAI

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-02-05 Research News The emergence of PET ligands for tau has the potential to revolutionize the study of the whole gamut of tauopathies. Researchers are tracking how neurofibrillary tangles appear and spread in real time, yielding invaluable insight into the ...

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