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Thibaut Imberdis

Brigham and Women's hospital / Harvard school of medecine
Boston, United States

A Change in Sleep Habits from Normal to Long: Harbinger of Dementia?

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-02-25 Research News Wake up, sleepyhead—your risk of dementia may have just doubled. According to a study published February 22 in Neurology, people who slumber for more than nine hours per night have twice the risk of dementia as people who sleep for just six ...

Marco Colonna on Does Soluble TREM2 Rile Up Microglia?

COMMENT The article represents a potentially interesting finding regarding the role of sTREM2 in triggering microglial activation. Although it is known that there is an increase in sTREM2 in many disease states, the role that sTREM2 plays is still relatively ...

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