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Edward Blonz on ApoE4 Traps Insulin Receptor Inside Neurons

COMMENT This new paper on Alzheimer's disease relates pathogenesis to the aging-related, chronically decreasing ability of glucose to cross the blood-brain barrier. The bulk delivery of glucose through the blood-brain barrier is not insulin dependent. A ...

1st International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health

CONFERENCE 2017-12-12 00:00:00-2017-12-12 00:00:00 Lausanne, Switzerland 12 December 2017 Leading mental health experts, including regulators, researchers, private sector representatives, policymakers, and patients will meet to discuss the need to advance the understanding of the influence of sex and ...

Harald Steiner on Semagacestat, a Pseudo γ-Secretase Inhibitor?

COMMENT This is a very important paper, showing the unexpected result that semagacestat causes the accumulation of longer Aβ species and short peptide byproducts that are produced by the sequential carboxy-terminal trimming activity of γ-secretase. The paper ...

Sarah Mizielinska

KCL (Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Centre)
London, United Kingdom

Postdoctoral Position

JOB 2017-10-16 Employer Case Western Reserve University Contact Please submit CV, names and contact information for three references, and a description of your research experience to Dr. Safar, Description The laboratory of Dr. Jiri Safar in the ...

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