201611 RESULTS

What Exactly Does BACE Do in Adults?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2016-10-27 Conference Coverage The 2nd Kloster Seeon Meeting on BACE Proteases in Health and Disease, held September 25-27 in Seeon near Munich, was propelled on an updraft of optimism that BACE inhibitors may work out to treat or prevent Alzheimer’s disease (see ...

Kloster Seeon meeting on BACE proteases in health and disease

CONFERENCE COVERAGE SERIES At 2nd Kloster Seeon Meeting, Renewed Optimism for Targeting BACE1 At the second Kloster Seeon meeting, researchers seemed more enthusiastic than ever about the prospect of treating Alzheimer’s with β-secretase inhibitors despite concerns over potential ...

Ryan Keenan

The University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia

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