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Do Membraneless Organelles Host Fibril Nucleation?

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-10-08 Research News Two proteins involved in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) precipitate formation of cellular granules by condensing into liquid droplets, according to recent studies. One, called hnRNPA1, forms transient stress granules by a process known ...

Fluid Business: Could “Liquid” Protein Herald Neurodegeneration?

WEBINAR 2015-10-08 Could the protein aggregates that cause neurodegeneration turn out to be the cellular equivalent of ice cubes? Scientists investigating how proteins naturally transition between gas-like solutions, condensed liquids, solidified gels, and insoluble fibrils ...

BI 409306

THERAPEUTICS Boehringer Ingelheim SUB 166499 Small Molecule Other Neurotransmitters Other Starting in 2011, Boehringer Ingelheim thus far has conducted 10 Phase 1 studies, testing both tablets and liquid formulations for this compound in a total of about 500 people in ...

Raj Hooli

Massachusetts General Hospital
Charlestown, United States

Ed Fila

Salt Lake City, United States

Two-in-One: Single Protein Untangles and Chops Up Tau Fibrils

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-10-07 Research News Aggregated proteins pose a challenge for the brain’s degradation machinery because these tangled clumps often conceal the cleavage sites necessary for proteolytic digestion. Cells first have to deploy specialized proteins called ...

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