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Joseph Winer

University of California Berkeley
Berkeley, United States

Elusive or Not, Aβ Oligomers Are in BioPharma Crosshairs

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-12-14 Research News They are difficult to isolate, hard to quantify, and virtually uncharacterized structurally. No matter the maddening vagueness of the target, scientists think they have therapies to go after Aβ oligomers. At this year’s Clinical Trials in ...

Blood, the Secret Sauce? Focus on Plasma Promises AD Treatment

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2017-12-14 Conference Coverage In mice, infusing young blood rejuvenates the old, and even staves off some of the changes linked to Alzheimer’s. It’s too early to say if the same is true in people, but first results look encouraging. At the 2017 Clinical Trials on ...

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