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Postdoc/Research Assistant/Associate

JOB 2017-05-22 Employer Imperial College London Contact Description Imperial College London is seeking a postdoc who would like to use an exciting molecular delivery technology developed in its laboratory to treat Alzheimer’s disease modeled in a ...

Stimulating Specific Neurons Mobilizes Dopamine-Depleted Mice

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-05-20 Research News Textbook diagrams of the brain’s basal ganglia often represent their component nuclei as monolithic blocks, but a study in the May 8 Nature Neuroscience now shows how their finer substructures may harbor therapeutic opportunities. By ...

Takahisa Kanekiyo on Finally, a Dye to Visualize Pericyte Function

COMMENT Dr. Grutzendler’s group found that Nissl dye NeuroTrace 500/525 specifically labels brain capillary pericytes in living mice. This dye can stain Pdgfrb and NG2-expressing cells on capillaries, but not precapillary or arteriolar αSMA-expressing cells. ...

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