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Could Neutrophils Be the Newest Players in Neurodegenerative Disease?

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-08-01 Research News Growing evidence suggests the peripheral immune system plays a role in Alzheimer’s disease. Now, researchers led by Gabriela Constantin at the University of Verona, Italy, turn the spotlight on an overlooked peripheral cell: the neutrophil. ...

Senior Mass Spectrometrist

JOB 2015-08-01 Employer C2N Diagnostics Contact Description C2N Diagnostics is hiring for a research and operations position. The company is looking for a highly-skilled mass spectrometrist with experience in quantitative proteomics and related ...

C9ORF72, Sporadic ALS Transcriptomes Now Available

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-07-31 Research News What goes wrong in the brain of a person with a hexanucleotide expansion in C9ORF72, a protein involved in RNA processing? Quite a bit, according to an analysis published in the July 20 Nature Neuroscience. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic ...

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