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MUTATIONS MAPT IVS10+4 A> C Intron 10 Point Non-Coding When co-transfected with another splice site variant, this mutation decreases the inclusion of exon 10, generating more E10- transcripts, and resulting in an overproduction of 3-repeat (3R) tau isoforms. ...

Eric Tanifum

Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, United States


MUTATIONS MAPT Exon 12 Point, Missense Coding Unknown. Frontotemporal and hippocampal atrophy. Some spongiosis. Abundant tau pathology (e.g., mature neurofibrillarly tangles and pretangles, tau-positive threads and grains). β-amyloid pathology largely absent. S356T ...

At AD/PD Conference, New BACE Inhibitor Struts Its Stuff

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2015-04-01 Conference Coverage Striving to be noticed in the hoopla over Biogen’s Phase 1 aducanumab data, other investigational therapies presented clinical data at the 12th International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, held March 18 to 22 in ...


THERAPEUTICS Prothena Corporation plc Roche RG7935, NEOD002 Immunotherapy (passive) alpha-synuclein In March 2014, Prothena, in partnership with Roche, began a single-center study in 40 healthy adults younger than 66 to compare the safety and pharmacokinetics of a ...

Antibody Against α-Synuclein Looks Safe In Early Trials

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2015-03-31 Conference Coverage People with Parkinson’s disease have treatment options, but none directly tackle the underlying pathology of misfolded and aggregated α-synuclein. That may be poised to change, with numerous approaches targeting the protein now in the ...

Professor/Associate Professor in Pharmacology

JOB 2015-03-31 Employer University of Oslo Principal Investigator Lars Nilsson Contact Please submit your application electronically at For questions on the positions, please contact Professor Lars Nilsson, ...

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