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Killer Cleavage: Appoptosin Stokes Tauopathy through Caspase 3

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-09-04 Research News Rather than delivering a swift blow to neurons, a death protein found elevated in people with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) may exact its toll in a slower, more insidious way. According to a study published September 2 in Neuron, the ...

Extra Weight in Midlife Hastens Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-09-04 Research News Carrying extra weight in midlife may bring on Alzheimer’s disease earlier. According to a study published September 1 in Molecular Psychiatry, for every increment in body mass index (BMI) at age 50, AD arrives almost seven months earlier. ...

Estrogen Therapy Could Hold Back Alzheimer’s, Shrink the Brain?

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-09-03 Research News The hormone estrogen has a long and fitful history in Alzheimer’s research, and at the recent Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, scientists grappled anew with its possible impact on amyloid-β deposition, brain structure, and ...

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