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Multiple Mutations Hasten ALS Onset, Suggests Genetic Study

RESEARCH NEWS 2014-11-27 Research News The genomes of people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, even so-called sporadic cases, are often blemished by rare variants that may increase risk for the disease. Some unlucky folk tote two or even three of these potential risk alleles, ...

Does Amyloid Shrink Neurons, Shorten Their Fuses?

RESEARCH NEWS 2014-11-26 Research News Neurons can be quick to fire while in their death throes. This may be because their reduced size gives them a shorter fuse, according to a study published November 13 in Neuron. Researchers led by Stefan Remy of the German Center for ...

Measuring Rapid Changes in Brain Aβ in Live Mice

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2014-11-26 Conference Coverage For more than a decade, scientists have used microdialysis to estimate how the concentration of Aβ in the brain’s interstitial fluid changes in response to synaptic activity. Unfortunately, the technique allows sampling every half-hour ...

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