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In NFL Players, Brain Inflammation May Persist Years After Head Trauma

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-12-02 Add Private note Add An editorial note Research News Research has shown that sports-related head injuries lead to future amyloid and tau pathology, as well as a higher risk of dementia and neuropsychiatric symptoms. However, the link between traumatic ...

M. Paul Murphy on Field Loses Chad Dickey, 40, to Cancer

COMMENT I spent many evenings drinking beer and playing pub trivia with Chad while he and I were at Mayo Jacksonville together. My wife and I were truly saddened by his untimely passing. Wherever you are, we are thinking of you and your family, dude. We'll ...

Susan Nyland on Field Loses Chad Dickey, 40, to Cancer

COMMENT I was a graduate student in Ken Ugen’s lab when Chad started working there as a technician. He was a huge asset to our lab, personally and professionally. I was certainly not surprised by his success. I would describe him as the jolliest nerd I ever met, ...

Javier Moron-Oset on Is Tau Phosphorylation All Bad?

COMMENT This is a very interesting paper. I find this study even more intriguing because pT205 is one of the two epitopes recognized by the AT8 antibody, whose staining has been shown to be increased in tauopathy brains in a plethora of studies. I wonder what the ...

Yipeng Wang on Is Tau Phosphorylation All Bad?

COMMENT The hyperphosphorylation of tau has long been proposed to contribute to the tau pathology in Alzheimer’s disease and other tauopathies. However, owing to the number and heterogeneity of phosphorylation sites on tau, investigating the exact role of ...

Rohan de Silva on Field Loses Chad Dickey, 40, to Cancer

COMMENT I had the privilege of collaborating with Chad over the past few years. He is one of the nicest people I have met. In his short career, he made critical contributions to our understanding of the role of cellular chaperones in proteopathies and had a great ...

Joe Abisambra on Field Loses Chad Dickey, 40, to Cancer

COMMENT This is the loss of a mentor and friend. As a mentor, Chad led by example. On many occasions working late as a postdoc in his lab, I'd find him sneaking into his office to respond to a reviewer's critique or continue working on another of his ...

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