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Andre Batista

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Kenneth Kosik on More Droplets of Tau

COMMENT Tau Packs Heat No doubt tau protein is the culprit in its namesake diseases—the tauopathies, which include Alzheimer’s disease. Among the longstanding head-scratching problems in tau pathobiology is how tau, one of the most soluble proteins known, ...

Rickie Patani on Brain Spheroids Hatch Mature Astrocytes

COMMENT This study has addressed a salient issue in human astrocyte biology. It nicely confirms and extends a previous study by the Barres Lab (Zhang et al., 2016), which characterized purified astrocytes from fetal through to adult stages. It chronicles the ...

Associate/Research Lab Manager

JOB 2017-08-21 Employer The Jackson Laboratory Principal Investigator Gareth Howell Contact Please prepare a letter of interest and CV as one document to complete the application process. Description The lab of Associate Professor Gareth Howell ...

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