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Postdoctoral Fellow

JOB 2017-01-23 Employer Mayo Clinic Contact Description Postdoctoral positions available immediately to perform family and population-based genetic methods to identify genetic mutations in human neurodegenerative disease. Subsequent functional ...

2017 MDA Scientific Conference

CONFERENCE 2017-03-19 00:00:00-2017-03-22 00:00:00 Arlington, Virginia 19 &#x2013 22 March 2017 The 2017 MDA Scientific Conference will bring together influential professionals in the academic, government, industrial and clinical arenas who work in various ways to help drive scientific and therapeutic ...

PAPER Matcovitch-Natan O, Winter DR, Giladi A, Vargas Aguilar S, Spinrad A, Sarrazin S, Ben-Yehuda H, David E, Zelada González F, Perrin P, Keren-Shaul H, Gury M, Lara-Astaiso D, Thaiss CA, Cohen M, Bahar Halpern K, Baruch K, Deczkowska A, Lorenzo-Vivas E, Itzkovitz S, Elinav E, Sieweke MH, Schwartz M, Amit I

Microglia development follows a stepwise program to regulate brain homeostasis.

Science. 2016 Aug 19;353(6301):aad8670. Epub 2016 Jun 23 PubMed: 27338705

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