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Can Common Genetic Variation in Mice Nail Genes of Aging, Alzheimer’s?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2015-11-26 Conference Coverage Geneticists have all but exhausted the genome-wide association approach to finding genetic variants that influence AD risk. Massive meta-analyses of more than 50,000 cases and controls have brought the total number of AD risk genes to ...

Postdoctoral Research Associate

JOB 2015-11-25 Employer Arizona State University- Biodesign Institute Contact Description The postdoctoral research associate will conduct experiments in the field of neuroscience.  Dr. DeCourt’s laboratory is working on drug development for ...

Truly New to Déjà Vu: For Five Hopefuls, Lights Go Out After Phase 2

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2015-11-25 Conference Coverage More candidate therapies have landed on the scrap heap of Alzheimer’s clinical trials, freeing up sites, investigators, and participants to try something else. At the 8th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease conference, held November ...

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