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Jason Gestwicki on Field Loses Chad Dickey, 40, to Cancer

COMMENT Chad was a dear friend and frequent collaborator. We first met in Chicago in 2006 and fell into an immediate, easy, and productive kinship. In my experience, it is rare to encounter another human being who holds so true to the values of honesty, curiosity ...

Diane Bovenkamp on Field Loses Chad Dickey, 40, to Cancer

COMMENT Our thoughts go out to Chad and his family. All of us at BrightFocus are saddened to lose a member of our scientific community. The world has lost not only one of its best and brightest stars in both the Alzheimer’s and glaucoma research fields, but also ...

David Quenelle

North California Medical Associates
Santa Rosa, United States

Gregor Bieri on ALS-FTD Mouse Model Develops Motor Neuron Disease

COMMENT Li et al. have developed a series of new mouse lines in which either wild-type (WT) or two ALS/FTD-associated mutated forms (P497S and P506T) of the human UBQLN2 gene are overexpressed broadly in neurons. The expression of the mutated but not the WT ...

Todd Cohen on Is Tau Phosphorylation All Bad?

COMMENT This paper is a very important step toward identifying the kinases and site-specific post-translational events that determine tau toxicity. These findings are highly suggestive that tau hyperphosphorylation is not the whole story in terms of AD ...

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