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Reining in APP’s Early Moves Could Curb Aβ

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-04-29 Research News Intracellular trafficking of the amyloid precursor protein (APP) is thought to go awry in Alzheimer’s disease, but most studies focus on later stages of the process, when this membrane protein recycles through endosomes. Could earlier phases ...

Pathogenic Presenilin Mutations Generate Aβ43

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-04-29 Research News Papers in the March 17 EMBO Molecular Medicine and the April 20 Neuron have reignited a simmering debate about the role of presenilin mutations in familial Alzheimer’s disease. Both studies dispute a claim made previously by Jie Shen, Ray ...

Davide Bruno

Liverpool John Moores University
United Kingdom

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