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Mariko Bennett on New Technology Catalogues Immune Cells in Brain

COMMENT This is one of the first characterizations of brain myeloid compartment cells by CYTOF—which allows for multidimensional analysis on multiple protein markers on a single cell. The value of this manuscript as a resource is not only as a standalone paper, ...

New Technology Catalogues Immune Cells in Brain

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-07-28 Research News Knowledge of the brain’s immune system has come a long way since scientists thought the brain was completely cut off from the body’s defenses. Now, using a technique called mass cytometry, researchers have characterized the diverse ...

Guillaume Pare on Immunotherapy for Cerebral Small Vessel Disease?

COMMENT This is a very exciting study. These results add an interesting perspective on the still-controversial question of the mutational spectrum of CADASIL (see for examples Rutten et al., 2013, and Moccia et al., 2015). Perhaps study of additional mutations, ...

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