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Cognitive Reserve—More Evidence It Prevents Neurodegeneration

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-05-05 Research News People with a lot of cognitive reserve generally cope better with advancing dementia, but might they be protected from disease pathology as well? According to a study published April 20 in JAMA Neurology, older adults with at least 16 years ...

Keith Marschke

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
La Jolla, United States

APP23 x PS1-R278I

RESEARCH MODELS This mouse model is a cross between a well-characterized APP transgenic (APP23) and a PSEN1 knock-in mouse (PS1-R278I) that expresses human PSEN1 with a mutation linked to atypical AD. The R278I mutation alters γ-secretase processing of APP leading to ...


MUTATIONS MAPT Exon 11 Point, Missense Coding Impaired tubulin polymerization. Altered tau aggregation in an isoform-specific manner; accelerated tau assembly in 4R tau while decreasing tau aggregation, misfolding, and filament assembly in 3R tau. Lobar atrophy, ...

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