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Calcium Disruptions Wreak Synaptic Havoc

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2014-12-22 Conference Coverage In mouse models of Alzheimer's disease, before cognition fails, tau fibrillizes, or Aβ even begins to accumulate, calcium signaling goes awry in the brain as neurons release more of the cation from their intracellular stores than ...

Neurons Cave When Astrocytes Heap on the Complements

RESEARCH NEWS 2014-12-22 Research News Neurons respond awkwardly when astrocytes shower them with too many complements. According to a study in the December 18 Neuron online, astrocytes pump out the complement protein C3 in response to Aβ, and neurons react to the complement by ...

New Ideas for Alzheimer’s Treatment: What’s on Offer in 2014?

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2014-12-22 Conference Coverage Researchers agree that a disease as complex as Alzheimer’s may require combination therapies, but so far, few trials have taken on this challenge. That may soon change. At the 7th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) ...


RESEARCH MODELS Summary The tau264 transgenic model expresses low levels of wild-type human tau. This mouse does not develop neuropathology or behavioral deficits. The phenotype information described on this page refers to heterozygous animals. Transgene expression in ...

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