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New PET Tracer Tracks Preclinical Movement Disorders

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2015-05-06 Conference Coverage After years of searching for diagnostic biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases, scientists more recently have begun focusing on markers that change as these disorders progress. Such markers could indicate if a treatment works. Two ...

Cognitive Reserve—More Evidence It Prevents Neurodegeneration

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-05-05 Research News People with a lot of cognitive reserve generally cope better with advancing dementia, but might they be protected from disease pathology as well? According to a study published April 20 in JAMA Neurology, older adults with at least 16 years ...

Keith Marschke

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
La Jolla, United States

APP23 x PS1-R278I

RESEARCH MODELS This mouse model is a cross between a well-characterized APP transgenic (APP23) and a PSEN1 knock-in mouse (PS1-R278I) that expresses human PSEN1 with a mutation linked to atypical AD. The R278I mutation alters γ-secretase processing of APP leading to ...

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