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Barring Export of Expanded Repeat RNAs Tames Their Toxicity

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-07-19 Research News In cells that carry an expanded hexanucleotide repeat in the C9ORF72 gene, toxic dipeptide repeat (DPR) proteins made from the expansion accumulate in the cytoplasm. How these proteins arise has been something of a mystery, however. Because ...

Benjamin Wolozin on Tau Hooks Up with RNA to Form Droplets

COMMENT This work, from the laboratories of Ken Kosik and Songi Han, provides important new insight into the biology of tau protein. The manuscript builds on a growing body of work that is revolutionizing our knowledge of how proteins in the cell interact. For a ...

Tau Hooks Up with RNA to Form Droplets

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-07-19 Research News Opposites attract, sometimes so much so that they retreat into their own little bubble. This seems to be the case with tau, a positively charged protein, and RNA, a negatively charged nucleic acid. According to a study published July 6 in ...

Ph.D. student

JOB 2017-07-19 Employer University of Bonn Principal Investigator Jochen Walter Contact Description The Molecular Cell Biology laboratory at the Neurocenter of Bonn University is seeking a Ph.D. student to work on molecular and cellular biology ...

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