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Falling Dementia Rates in U.S. and Europe Sharpen Focus on Lifestyle

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-02-12 Research News What was once just an idea now seems more certain: In developed countries, the number of new cases of dementia is on the decline. In the February 11 New England Journal of Medicine, researchers led by Sudha Seshadri at the Boston University ...

Panel of Mouse Models Agree: Mutated FUS Gains Toxic Function

RESEARCH NEWS 2016-02-12 Research News Mutations in FUS cause amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but do they do that by interfering with the protein’s normal actions, engendering new toxic ones, or both? According to a paper in the February 4 Nature Communications, mutated FUS ...

Grand Challenge: Generation of a PET Tracer for TDP43 Aggregates

GRANT Friday, February 12, 2016- 11:00 The ALS Association and ALS Finding a Cure The successful team(s) with the most developed plan and the appropriate reagents will receive up to $1 million in milestone payments for phase I of the challenge. Deadline for ...

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