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New Ties between AD and the Stages, Waves, and Molecules of Sleep

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2017-08-17 Conference Coverage At the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2017 held in London July 14-20, the relationship between disturbed sleep and AD came into sharper focus. Scientists revealed how sleep disordered breathing boosts the risk for ...

Diabetes Drug Improves Parkinson’s Motor Symptoms in Small Trial

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-08-17 Research News August brought some welcome news for the Parkinson’s community: results from a Phase 2 clinical trial suggested the diabetes drug exenatide halted the worsening of motor problems in people in moderate stages of the disease. As reported in ...

Shot of Klotho Boosts Memory In Aging and Diseased Mice

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-08-15 Research News Talk about instant gratification. According to an August 8 paper in Cell Reports, injecting a fragment of the protein klotho markedly improves memory and motor function in mice. Klotho is a protein associated with cognitive function in ...

The Search for the Missing AD Heritability Turns Up New Rare Variants

RESEARCH NEWS 2017-08-15 Research News Genetic forces drive a sizable portion of Alzheimer’s disease, yet only a fraction of cases thus far are explained by known mutations. A handful of recent papers used genomic sequencing to fish out new variants that, while exceedingly rare, ...

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