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BI 409306

THERAPEUTICS Boehringer Ingelheim SUB 166499 Small Molecule Other Neurotransmitters Other BI 409606 is an inhibitor of phosphodisterase 9A. PDE9A is a drug target for cognitive decline in Alzheimer's and other diseases, because this enzyme reduces levels in the ...

Raj Hooli

Massachusetts General Hospital
Charlestown, United States

Two-in-One: Single Protein Untangles and Chops Up Tau Fibrils

RESEARCH NEWS 2015-10-07 Research News Aggregated proteins pose a challenge for the brain’s degradation machinery because these tangled clumps often conceal the cleavage sites necessary for proteolytic digestion. Cells first have to deploy specialized proteins called ...

S 38093

THERAPEUTICS Servier Small Molecule Other Neurotransmitters Between 2009 and 2015, four Phase 2 trials, testing doses ranging from 2 to 25 mg of S 38093 per day, have been conducted in a total of about 1,600 patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease. Two ...

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